Our Vision

To join hands to fight the menace of malnutrition and hunger by providing food to the marginalized section of the society.

Our Mission

To step up to the challenge and work towards serving the needy and killing the hunger in our areas of operation.

The Issue

Did You Know?

  • 20 crore people in India sleep hungry every night , i.e. approx. 2 to 3 people in every 10 people.
  • India is the world’s second largest food producer, yet faces severe hunger problem.
  • 25% of children in India are malnourished.
  • Child malnourishment is the largest nutrition related health burden in the world.
  • Large chunk of these hungry people exist in countries with sufficient food production.Clearly food availability is not the issue but equitable sharing of resources is.

Other Activities


World today is facing the wrath of climate change, Global warming and pollution. Trees – “The lungs of the nature” are one step solution to these problems.

Enlightning Tomorrow

It’s said that “India lives in its villages”, it’s also said that “today’s children are tomorrow’s citizens”. So our organization is working towards career guidance programs helping rural and unreached children.

Md Jahangir was a daily wage construction labourer from Astoor village, Bidar. He was sole bread winner for the family of 7 including 5 kids . 2 years ago he fell down from 2nd floor of building during work. He lost both legs and suffered major back injury owing to which he has to be on bed for the rest of his life. This matter was brought to the notice of RESHINE ORGANISATION. Our team took the matter into their own hands and took Md. Jahangir to " JANATA DARSHANA' program of the then Hon'ble Chief Minister Shri H D Kumaraswamy in Ujjalum village,tq Basavakalyan,dist Bidar on 27th June 2019. Reshine Organisation was successful in convincing CM of grave situation of family. CM announced compensation of Rs 2 lakhs /- to Md.Jahangir . Jahangir's family received amount of Rs 2 lakh in the month of July 2019.

"If we want, we can"
"Service to needy people is service to God"

Opinion Of Dignitaries


“In India The largest and severe problem is hunger . The main reason for the cause is our society. In order to tackle the problem Reshine Organisation has taken an initiative of serving the surplus food to the needful. I advice two precious things which is to be implemented in our life contentment and Humanity. I congratulate the team for this gracious and godly work.”

Justice Santosh Hegde,
Former judge of supreme Court of India

“Hunger is a word which is terrible by itself. Everywhere in the world if you visit,you can find people who have nothing to eat. I thank Reshine team for visiting my home and having the concern towards the hungry people.”

Dr H T Sangliana,
Former DGP of Karnataka


“In today's world, we are persuing higher education but lacking common sense and humanity.
Proverb -
A stone thrown reaches 100 m, A bullet fired from gun reaches 1000 m but when food is fed to hungry and needy people it reaches heaven.
I congratulate the Reshine team for this wonderful humanitarian work.”

Director of the Sri Jayadeva Institute of Cardiovascular Sciences and Research.

“Reshine organisation is doing a innovative program of collecting excess food from functions and distributing it among destitutes and poor. 3 out of 10 Indian children don't get proper food every night. Today's children are tomorrow's citizens.We should not donate food with sympathy but as symbol of humanity to them. We shouldn't wait for government at every step,few things have to be done by common man as part of his social duty and humane duty.”

K .Annamalai (IPS),
DCP South Bangalore

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Who We Are?

Reshine Organisation is made up of bunch of motivated youth trying to give life to the saying "Service to humanity is service to God".
Our team collects surplus food from parties, festivals, functions etc and distribute it among the disadvantaged section of the society

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We’re looking for great souls ,Join us on our mission.

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